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Press Release

Small PC introduces Sunlight Readable Marine LCD with latest Multi-Touch Technology

Small PC has integrated the latest touch screen technology into its rugged 24” Marine LCD Display. The new Multi-Touch LCD Display model SD240ML is Sunlight Readable and waterproof.  The rugged lightweight aluminum chassis is completely sealed to dirt, dust and water. Optically enhancement processes, including glass bonding and anti-reflective coatings, improve clarity and contrast making the unit ideal for viewing in daylight and direct sunlight.  A 1000 nit luminance rating is achieved using efficient low power LED backlights that do not require cooling fans air ventilated air flow. The projective capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch input similar to the operation of a smart phone or tablet touch screen but with a much larger working display area and the touch screen also works with gloved hands.

Rugged Marine Display with Multi-Touch
Fugawi Marine 5 image courtesy of Northport Systems Inc.

Although the SD240ML is noted as a Marine Display, it is also well suited to other applications and industries including transportation, public safety, utility, military and industrial automation.  Standard Video Inputs include HDMI, VGA and Composite.  The PCT (projective capacitive touch) interface uses a standard USB connection.  Typical operating power is less than 50 watts using a 9-36V DC input power supply.  Rear mounted waterproof connectors support standard mating cables as well as the included waterproof cable set.  A dual ended waterproof cable set is optionally available for applications that require sealed connectors at both the display end the connecting computer end.  Screen brightness of 0-100% is controlled with a front or rear mount potentiometer.  Several mounting options are supported including VESA arms, and console/panel mounting using removable bezel brackets.

Robert Vance, Small PC’s Engineering Manager said, “adding the PCT technology to our Marine LCD’s required some specialized design changes to the internal mounting and gaskets to maintain ruggedness and sealing but the PCT Multi-Touch is a great feature for these larger marine displays”  

Rugged Sunlight Readable LCD

An optional lower cost version of the 24” display is available for applications that do not require sunlight readability and that do not require the Multi-Touch technology. The SD240ML also supports an integrated Intel i3/i5/i7 CPU providing an all-in-one LCD-PC solution.  Small PC’s Marine series of rugged displays and computers are available in sizes from 10.4” to 32”.

Waterproof Marine LCD Display, a division of ICI Controls Inc., was formed in 1993. Small PC Computers designs and manufactures computers with a focus on solutions for specialized, rugged, and industrial applications.

Press Contact: Blake Allen, ph. 727-474-0929


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