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rugged computer applications
Small PC's rugged computer products and solutions are used in a wide variety of applications and industries from the factory floor to the hospital emergency room. Our customers are large & small and include original equipment manufacturers, system integrators and MIS departments looking for a specialized PC solution.

Our systems are ideal for applications that require a rugged & reliable computer solution. Other specialized features and options include:
  • DC input options of 12V, 24V or a DC Range (vehicle pwr support)
  • Waterproof computers, lcds and systems
  • Systems with no fans and solid state flash drives - no moving parts
  • Windows and Linux OS support
  • Outdoor computer solutions, sealed, daylight/sunlight readable
  • Low power operation suitable for battery power
  • Extended temperature operation
  • Integrated POE solutions
  • Extended Waterproof cable sets for I/O and Video
  • Thermal monitoring, Auto Power on power loss
  • Multiple Com. & USB ports, TV/S-Video support

  A short list of our customers:

Boeing, Chevron, Honda Aircraft, Rockwell, StanleyElectric,, GE Energy, Honeywell, L3 Marine, BAE Systems, Verisign, Canadian Coast Guard, Dow Chemical, University of California, Baxter, Stent, CHC Helicopter, Agra Gold, University of Michigan, MDR Robotics Lockheed, US Magnesium, Weyerhaeuser, American Standard, CV Hospital, Medtronic, Pacific Seafood, SAAB, GE Health Care, National Oilwell, Nav Canada, ITW Goodrich, First Eneregy, BBN, Vector, Penn State, Federal Signal, Teck Metals, MacDonald Dettwiler, Northrup SafLink, Southern Energy, Oerlikon, NB Power, US Navy...

Samples of Small PC Applications:

4 camera control system
Vehicle Computer: Trunk mounted 4 Camera DVR system.


Mobile Cart for operation in extreme heat
Mobile Cart
Laser Counturing System.


New Jersey Transit
Gate Board at New Jersey Transit's Hoboken Train Terminal


Weather Detection System

Dual Polarization Doppler Weather Radar, Topeka, KS


Rugged Marine Computer

Marine Computer: Coast Guard navigation and communication system.


Rugged Computer in the Kitchen

Rugged Touch Computer in Restaurant Kitchen. "Back of House reference system."


Construction & Industrial Machinery Computer Applications

Vehicle PC: Data acquisition for Specialized Industrial Machinery



  • Public Safety
  • Energy & Mining
  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Hospital/Medical
  • Factory Floor
  • Mobile Computers
  • Digital Video Records (DVR)
  • Digital Signage
  • Industrial Automation
  • Kiosk, Gaming, Entertainment



Rugged Computer on the farm

Specialized farm equipment GPS Mapping System


Energy and Mining Computer applications

Data acquisition for the energy, mining, environmental& construction industries.


Hospital Cart Computer

Hospital Mobile Computer Cart


Copper Mine Operator Interface using Rugged Computer

Copper Mine Operator Interface
Teck Metals Ltd.