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Small Rugged Computer, waterproof

SC215ML Computer

USB Flash Drive OS Boot and Imaging:

SmallPC has introduced a USB Operating System Boot/Imaging option for its' series of rugged computer systems. USB imaging allows simple and convenient operating system support for embedded and OEM applications.

Starting at $150.00 U.S.

Please contact us for more information or questions. See below for more inforamtion:


  • Operating System Boot
  • Multiple System Build Imaging
  • Solid State – no moving parts
  • Fast OS imaging/duplication
  • Hard Drive image backup & restore
  • Convenient on site Software upgrades
  • Time saving maintenance and driver amendments
  • Two minutes for full drive restoration


Rugged Computer with 6 port POE

SC240ML Computer


With the ever-increasing technological trend, computers are becoming a necessity in a wide variety of environments. Management of numerous systems can be quite onerous. To facilitate in replicating and restoring operating systems, software and data, SmallPC has developed a unique utility that will allow hard drives to be restored in a matter of minutes. The software/hardware package incorporates a wide variety of tools, that when put together allow this Boot/Imaging Kit, to be a huge time saver. A typical operating system re-install can take an hour or more. The USB Boot Kit can reduce this re-imaging time down to a matter of a few minutes. The steps involved in performing a drive replication are simple and easy to follow. Software disasters can be corrected with a minimal downtime to production.

The SCUSBDR is available for all SmallPC systems and can also be made available for non-SmallPC computers.