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rugged outdoor LCD Displays




Sunlight Readable Rugged LCD Displays


Rugged Outdoor Displays

Model Size Type
RWD070E 7" Vehicle
RWD085ML 8" Marine/Vehicle
RWD104E 10.4" Vehicle
SD100ML 10.4" Marine/Vehicle
SD150ML 15" Marine/Vehicle
SD170ML 17" Marine/Vehicle
SD190ML 19" Marine/Vehicle
SD215ML 21.5" Marine/Kiosk
SD240ML 24" Marine/Kiosk


Small PC's SunVu Sunlight Readable LCD outdoor displays have all been specifically designed for improved screen clarity and sharpness when viewed in direct sunlight or daylight. The rugged displays are available in sizes of 7" to 24", with or without touch screen. Options include Multi-Touch Glass, 0 -100% Brightness Control, Composite inputs and All Weather operation.

  • Sunlight and Daylight Readable
  • Touch Screen (Multi-Touch optional)
  • DC Vehicle/Marine Power Supply Support
  • Waterproof All Weather outdoor operation
  • HD15 VGA and/or HDMI Inputs
  • Brightness POT (optional, 0-100%)
  • Composite Inputs (Camera)

RWD104E Ambulanc ApplicationSunlight Readable LCD Display in Ambulance
Ram bar mount high bright lcd
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Sunlight Readable Vehicle LCD Displays

    RWD070 Sunlight Readable 7" LCD Display  

7" Sunlight Readable



10.4" Sunlight Readable


  Sunlight Readable 10.4" LCD Display      

Model: RWD070E

Our smallest vehicle display with excellent Sunlight Readability.




Model: RWD104E

Ample viewing area,, but not too large for standard vehicle applications.


Marine/Vehicle Waterproof Sunlight Readable LCD Displays

      Sunlight Readable Marine LCD Display, 8 "  

8" Multi-Touch, Sunlight Readable & Waterproof



10.4" Sunlight Readable
Sealed & Waterproof


10.4" Marine LCD Display



Model: RWD085ML

Excellent Sunlight Readability characteristics in a small rugged package, Sealed to water splashing and rain.


Model: SD100ML

Completely sealed and waterproof, 10.4" sunlight readable, with our without Touch Screen.


15" Sunlight Readable
Sealed & Waterproof

0-100% Brightness


15" Marine Display


17" Sunlight Readable
Sealed & Waterproof


17" sunlight readable Marine LCD Touch Screen






IP67 Waterproof, 0-100% brightness adjustment, Sunlight Readable


Model: SD170ML

Completely sealed & waterproof 17" Marine LCD Display

      19" Rugged Marine LCD Display  


19" Sunlight Readable
Sealed & Waterproof



21.5" Sunlight Readable
Sealed & Waterproof

0-100% Brightness

  21.5" Sealed Marine LCD Display      


Sunlight Readable and sealed to water, dirt and dust.



Rugged Sunlight Readable Wide Screen

          24" Marine LCD Computer  

24" Wide Screen Multi-Touch
Sunlight Readable & Waterproof



Panel, Console or VESA mount, Sunlight Readable




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